Workflow insights
Dec 17, 2019

How to import 3D parts into your workspace

Save yourself time and create manufacture-grade industrial parts by importing industry standard ...

by Claas Kuhnen

User stories Industrial design
Nov 26, 2019

Conceptual solid modeling for design teams

“I travel a lot, and I also enjoy giving design directions to the team from home. When you get a ...

by Daniel Rosner

User stories Industrial design
Oct 15, 2019

Customized part design

“Before Shapr3D I hand drew the measurements and bugged my friend who is an engineer to draw up my ...

by Daniel Rosner

Workflow insights Industrial design Architecture
Oct 03, 2019

Learn to create 3D visuals with Shapr3D and Keyshot

Shapr3D is an ideal tool for creating 3D visuals for marketing assets and presentations. You can ...

by Sam Gwilt

Workflow insights Industrial design
Oct 01, 2019

Enhance your process with 3D prototypes

By evolving better early design practices, with a versatile toolbox of low budget prototyping ...

by Claas Kuhnen

User stories Jewelry design
Aug 01, 2019

Presenting jewelry concepts in 3D

"I was amazed how fast and easy it was for me to create my first 3D design. I remember that night I ...

by Daniel Rosner

User stories
Jun 09, 2019

Sketching creative 3D visualizations

“I had been looking for ways to get more use out of my iPad Pro and this looked ideal. Once I ...

by Daniel Rosner

User stories Architecture
Jun 01, 2019

Redesigning Quebec City on an iPad

We transformed Quebec City's bay area with the help of the city's urban designer Louis Daniel ...

by Daniel Rosner

User stories Concept design
May 27, 2019

Concept design modeling on iPad: From Shapr3D to Concepts

With the killer combination of Shapr3D and Concepts, you can 3D model and render a design on an ...

by Daniel Rosner

User stories Industrial design
May 16, 2019

Industrial design from idea to prototype

Industrial design student Drake Birmann started with a problem - his mother wasn’t mobile enough in ...

by Daniel Rosner