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What’s New in Shapr3D (July 2017)

We just released the latest version of Shapr3D (2.2.6). Here are the most important features and improvements.

New feature: screenshot tool

Shapr3D now supports professional screenshots!

You can take pictures of your models with no grid, no UI elements (no buttons). And with transparent background.

You can send these to clients directly or edit the screenshots in other design software (like Concepts, Procreate, Photoshop).

Now you’ll have the option to take 4 different types of screenshots:

  1. Screenshot with buttons (with UI elements)
  2. Screenshot with no buttons (no UI elements)
  3. Screenshot with no buttons and no grid
  4. Screenshot with no buttons, no grid, and transparent background

All screenshots will be saved to your Photos folder on the iPad Pro.

You can take a look at the differences on these screenshots.

With buttons (with UI elements)

screenshot with UI elements

No buttons (no UI)

screenshot with no UI elements

No buttons, no grid

screenshot with no grid

No buttons, no grid, no background

screenshot with no background

This will enable you to have better visualization of your models. You can send these to clients or post edit them in other design software like Photoshop, Concepts, Paper, or just annotate them.

This new screenshot feature is available from two locations:

  1. From the Export menu in the app (Images)
  2. When you take a screenshot

Extended Export menu

A new item (Image) was added to the Export menu in the Shapr3D app. You can access this menu by tapping on the “Export” button (arrow pointing up at the top of the screen) and tap on “Image” to use the built-in screenshot tool.shapr3d export user interface

Regular iPad Screenshot

You can take a screenshot as you’d normally do on an iPad Pro by pressing the Home and Power buttons the same time. If you do this, the following screen will appear. Here you can start using the screenshot tool built by Shapr3D.

With this tool you can hide all buttons, the grid and the background as well. The screenshots will be saved to your Photos folder on the iPad Pro.

screenshot new feature

Use the split screen

The iPad Pro has a neat feature, called Split Screen View which enables multitasking. You can enable this by swiping left from the very right side of the screen. This will bring up Photos for you.ipad-pro-split-screen-view

Here you can see the screenshots you have taken. Either a lot of them at the same time…


..or just individual ones.split-screen-ipad-pro-photos

By tapping the “Share icon” in the bottom left corner you can directly share these with colleagues, co-workers, clients or other apps, devices you are using.split-screen-sharing-ipad-pro

So you don’t need to switch back and forth between apps anymore. You can directly transfer your designs, screenshots to whereever you want to.

Previous feature releases in 2017

We have released multiple features in the past few months. Some of the most important ones are image import, colors and the support of the 120 Hz refresh rate.

Image import

Now you can import images and use them as a reference to sketch over.

You can import images from your Photos folder or take a picture with the iPad Pro’s camera.

We support the following image formats:

  • JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ICO, RAW and single page / first page PDFs
  • all images are rasterized, vectors are not yet supported.


Now you can set the color of any shape. It works on imported models too!

In this tutorial, you can learn how to color shapes and models. The tutorial explains

  • how to color multiple items to different colors in one flow,
  • how the color picker and how recently used colors work.
  • how to organize your work in groups that make coloring easier
  • how to set the default color for new shapes instead of grey.

Up to 120 Hz refresh rate support

Our June update (2.2.5) enables up to 120 Hz refresh rate on your iPad Pro with a ProMotion-enabled screen (the new 10.5 & 12.9 inch iPad Pros).

Update the app to 2.2.6.

If you want to try out all these features, make sure to update the app in the App Store:

Update Shapr3D

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