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Case Studies

3D model prototype

Launching a Kickstarter product – and beyond

Gerd – Founder and CEO of T-up MK1 – shared his journey from idea to Kickstarter launch with us. We decided to share our wisdom in between the lines to give you some nspiration for your own designs and crowdfunding launch.


Teaching ceramic prototype design with Shapr3D

Angelo is 63-year-old ceramic artist and teacher in Italy. He was tired of doing hand written sketches after 40 years. And he had the desire to bring innovation to the classroom for ceramic prototype design. Then he found Shapr3D.

safe expert case study - thierry vanderlekem

A safety expert’s tunnel boring machine

Thierry is a civil engineer and a safety consultant, who was looking for a solution to easily visualize his ideas for a tunnel boring machine’s surroundings and safety specs.

democratizatizing 3d modeling: the 3d printing pastor

3D modeling democratized – The 3D printing pastor

Trent is a pastor from the US, with an education in theology and computer science. Unrelated industries/fields are starting to realize the power of 3D modeling, and what it can bring to their lives, their micro communities.

idea to product design with shapr3d on lantren

From idea to product – Rethinking the frame

Remi had a simple idea. Create a simple frame, that makes pictures much more exciting. This is the story how he solved this problem. With Shapr3D.


Love at first sight: how designer Patrick Jouin uses Shapr3D

Patrick Jouin is one of France’s most acclaimed designers, and he has been an early user of Shapr3D. In this interview, he shared with us his journey and how he uses Shapr3D.

Grill 3D model and final version

Empowering small business owners in need of 3D modeling

Clifford is a small business owner from the US. He decided to replace pen&paper sketching to iPad Pro 3D modeling. He managed to create business value immediately, and it also changed his process once and for all.

How to become a 3D modeler for robotics by Dennis Ayotte

Becoming a 3D modeler from scratch

Dennis Ayotte is a data center specialist, who just picked up a new hobby: 3D printing. He achieved more in weeks with Shapr3D than in years with other tools. Read his story on how he plans to become a 3D modeler and how Shapr3D helps him on this journey.

Children's book illustration - storyboard with Shapr3D

Creating storyboards with Shapr3D – case study

Michael Byrne is a creative director based in London who uses Shapr3D and Procreate to create children’s book illustrations. Read more about the story here.

Claas Kuhnen uses Shapr3D

How Claas Kuhnen (industrial designer) uses Shapr3D?

Claas Kuhnen is an industrial design professor at Wayne State University and he runs his own design consultancy studio. He is also one of the early adopters of Shapr3D. He shared with us where he sees the CAD industry heading and how he fits Shapr3D into his workflow.